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We are here to help YOU save your home and we can do this one of several ways. One way is to prepare a formal presentation to your lender called an “Analysis”. These documents are prepared with a software program similar to what your lender uses to determine your approval for a Loan Modification/Loan Workout. The system calculates income, expenses, assets and an approximate property value to help determine if you will be eligible for a Loan Modification/Loan Workout. The system uses the FDIC’s NPV* Test (Net Present Value) to help determine if your lender will have an appetite to help you. We offer you a one hour consultation to discuss your situation and your options.

This Analysis encourages your lender to grant you a Loan Modification/Loan Workout by presenting your situation accurately. If the situation makes sense to your lender, then they are more likely to grant you an approval.

Most Loan Modifications/Loan Workouts are turned down because they were not presented properly or inaccurate information was supplied. Our system eliminates both issues. Your lender wants to work with YOU, therefore, the better the package you present, the higher your chance for approval. Our package allows you to do this yourself OR assists your attorney with their presentation of your situation.

*NPV is a method of financial appraisal measuring the returns or losses of a long term project by comparing the value of a dollar at the time of investment to the value of that same dollar in the future.