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About Us

The President and CEO of our company has been in the mortgage business for 40 years with many of the large lenders. We are familiar with how the industry works. Our experience is in all facets of the mortgage industry - sales, underwriting, real estate, appraisals, loss mitigation. Let our knowledge help you achieve your goal as we have helped hundreds of other home owners.

The majority of our clients have tried to obtain a loan modification/loan workout on their own and months later are only further behind. Our expertise helps alleviate some of this frustration because we are familiar with what is needed and the lenders collection strategies. We can maneuver through the system as needed more quickly than the average person. One of the Lender’s tactics is to ask for the same documents over and over again, hoping something is different and changes the picture. We know how to navigate these road blocks. You will still need to give your lender the items, but it is how and it is presented that makes the difference.